Recycled Teenagers

The Recycled Teenagers is a car club in Alliston that meets throughout the summer. These are some shots of the vehicles that are at the meetings.

Model A’s

Huronia Wire Wheels is a Model A club in the Alliston area. Trillium Ford in Alliston did safety checks on the club's vehicles in May of 2019. These photos were taken as the cars were in the queue to be inspected.

SUP Races

Stand up Paddleboard races were held at the Paddle 4 the Cure fundraiser for Breast Cancer at the Barrie Canoe and Kayak club.

SUP Polo

Polo on Stand up Paddleboarding played at the Paddle 4 the Cure

Bonnie View Farms

This event held at Bonnie View Farms helped horses learn how to handle unusual situations that they might find while out on trails. All of these activities helped them to not be easily spooked.