Covid 19 Protocols

Ontario’s COVID-19 restrictions have caused me to make some changes to my standard operating procedures in order ensure my safety and the safety of the realtor and the homeowners.

I understand people are still wanting to list their homes and I’m happy to help but need to ensure we all remain safe.

For the Photoshoot:

Ideally, the home should be vacant during the photoshoot. This could require the family to leave for a short time while I’m there. I’m happy to meet someone at the house (homeowner or realtor) to give access to the house if needed.

At a minimum, there can only be one person inside the property during the photo shoot. The one person should be either the agent or 1 homeowner.  If one person is present, the agent or homeowner should remove themselves from the active shooting level or floor until the photographer has completed that level.

All lights must be off, ceiling fans off, toilets seats down and doors to all rooms open. I will be shooting the house as is, so it needs to be ready. I will turn lights on or off as I deem appropriate to take the best photos I can.

The house will be left as is. I will inform the homeowner or realtor upon completion and I can wait at the home in my car until they get back if needed.

I use sanitizer before and after each shoot, and only touch what I need to in order to complete the shoot.

You must inform me if:

The realtor, or homeowners have been in contact with anyone with a confirmed COVID 19 diagnosis or has recently traveled out of Canada.

The realtor, or homeowners are experiencing any flu-like symptoms such as fever, cough, difficulty breathing etc.

As the photographer:

I will avoid any situation where I feel at risk either on the job and in my personal life.  I will stay home if I am feeling unwell.

Thank you for understanding during these challenging times. Please feel free to contact me, if you have any questions or concerns